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In order to access City of Plano traffic accident reports, you must enter the report number or supply at least two of the three blue fields below.  Your name and involvement type are also required.  If your search returns any results, a list of matching reports will be displayed and you can then select the report that you wish to pay for and download.  Search fields are not case sensitive and will look for partial matches. 

Reports are only available online for approximately the last two years, older reports are available by contacting the Plano PD Records Department.  If you do not get any results, the report may not be posted yet.  It can take up to 10 business days before reports are processed and made available for download.  These reports were last updated on 7/23/2024.   Reports are available online at a cost of $6 each and contain many codes and abbreviations.  Click here to download a free copy of the CR-3 code sheet that explains these codes.

WARNING: Under Section 730.015 of the Transportation Code, a person who requests the disclosure of personal information from an agency's records under this chapter and misrepresents the person's identity or who makes a false statement to the agency on an application required by the agency under this chapter commits a Class A misdemeanor..

Note: If you know your report#, enter the four digit year in the first field
and any numbers after the dash in the second field.
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  If the reports you are looking for are unavailable, please call the Plano PD Records Department at (972) 941-2077.

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